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About the Authors

Only Voices blog posts are written by collegiate a cappella singers from different schools around the northeast.  Here are the groups that have blogged so far:

buchords: Chordially Yours (Boston University)


thebostones:  The BosTones from Boston University


dearabbeys:  The Dear Abbeys from Boston University


inachord:  In Achord from Boston University


buauralfix: Aural Fixation (Boston University)


allegrettos: The Allegrettos (Boston University)


If you sing college a cappella and would like to join the conversation email to recieve an author account for your group!

Creator of Only Voices:


Philipp Walzer
Musical Leader of BU’s The Bostones
Boston University COM ’09
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3 Responses to “About the Authors”

  1. dude..what’s in your mouth?

  2. just some straw or something…

  3. Congratulations to BOSTONES for a great evening at Morse Auditorium! Keep Singing and spread the good vibes…

    All the best,

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