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Most Embarassing Performance Moments

Greetings my fellow a capella-ers,

wardrobe-malfunctionSo at a recent concert, I got the opportunity to experience my most embarassing on-stage moment since I started singing four years ago! XD I falcon-punched a mic that was hanging over my head!!! Blehhh

I decided to start a lil discussion here at onlyvoices to hear everyone else’s embarassing performing moments! You know we’ve all had em. Sound off!


6 Responses to “Most Embarassing Performance Moments”

  1. In high school I had a ONE LINE solo in a big long Beatles medley. For some reason, I’ve always had a problem memorizing lines when I only have a few. If I have a ton of lines to remember… it’s not a problem. But in this case, I stepped up to the mic in front of probably 300 people and sang: “words are flowing out into a…..”

    I went on to hum the rest of my one-line solo.

  2. This didn’t happen to me, but I witnessed it. A friend of mine in chorus was just about to sing a solo part in a song the choir was performing. And right as he was walking up he sneezed and snot went everywhere. It was a sad moment. Nothing has happened to me yet *knock on wood*

  3. When I was in 5th grade, the music department asked me to sing a special solo in the chorus/band concert. I was the only one who got to do this and I was super excited and wanted to impress everyone. I picked Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile from Annie and practiced for days. When it came time to perform, I forgot the words to an entire verse. I was mortified and cried for the rest of the concert.

    Another time, I performed Black Balloon by the Goo Goo Dolls at a guitar recital. They used to be my favorite band, and I could sing that song in my sleep. But as soon as I got up to perform, I totally forgot the words.

    In conclusion, all music should be like a cappella and consist of a variety of bap baps and do dos and jen jen jens so no one ever has to embarrass themselves by forgetting words haha.

  4. hahaha!

  5. Back in the day I used to take super hardcore piano lessons. When I was 9 I had my first recital and my teacher insisted that I be the first one to play. I was about to go on stage but I felt a little nauseous. I ran to the closest door, puked, ran back inside, and played.

    Good times.

  6. In senior year of high school, I was the Mysterious Man in my high school’s production of Into the Woods. I had one song to sing near the end of the show, nothing too difficult, only like two verses (“No More” for those of you who are familiar… A majority of you, I’m guessing). Anyway, the night of the second performance, I got on stage to do it and totally sang the second verse first. No big deal though, right? No one would notice if I switched the two verses. But by the time the second verse came around, I couldn’t think of what the first verse should have been, so I ended up singing the second verse twice. Awesome. I’m sure people were thinking, “man, Sondheim must have either been really lazy or really sick of writing new lyrics for this show.”

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