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Cliche Songs!

Hello to all the fellow a cappella members!

imogen-heap-hide-and-seekSo I know when everyone tries to choose songs to learn, and perform in the group tons of people always say “Oh my god, we can’t do that like everyone does it. It’s totally like the most annoying song ever. Plus you know the other group at our school just did it last semesterrrrr.” Comments like those, that totally demoralize me personally because I thought my ideas were cool, got me to thinking. What are the most cliche a cappella songs out there? The songs that every single a cappella group does and when you hear them your teeth just grind? I’ll start out with a few that pop into my head.

Happy Ending – Mika
Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root
Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap


9 Responses to “Cliche Songs!”

  1. I completely agree with Hide and Seek…I think it’s a great song, and very haunting when done well (I like Chordially Yours’ version a lot) but it seems like EEEEVERYONE does it. Some other really popular ones:
    Fix You by Coldplay
    FaFa by Guster
    Thriller by MJ
    And basically any Ben Folds song, especially because of the contest.

    None of these really make me cringe, but I just hear them done a cappella all the time.

  2. Apologize – OneRepublic

    It’s too late to apologize…it’s too laaaate

  3. Walking in Memphis.

    Shoot me.

  4. How could I forget!

    Such Great Heights – Postal Service

  5. TV show medleys.

  6. I almost forgot

    Girl put your records on. Heard it done by at least 5 different groups live…

  7. Haha soricen I ❤ you and thanx Johnny! We do that song lol

  8. don’t forget:
    counting crows – accidentally in love
    it does sound good by UC men’s octet, tho…

  9. Eve 6 – Inside Out

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