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Going Mainstream?

Check out this clip from Good Morning America about college a cappella…

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen much mainstream coverage of collegiate a cappella.  And other than the occasional Backstreet Boys/’N Sync tune a cappella usually doesn’t enter the mainstream-popular-music world (unless you count Rockappella, but I wouldn’t).  What do you think?  Can college a cappela, or just a cappella, go mainstream?


3 Responses to “Going Mainstream?”

  1. This is great that it’s getting more popular! I saw an article in my hometown paper over break about collegiate a cappella also.

    PS- How can I subscribe (RSS?) to this blog?

  2. Can a cappella go mainstream? That is a really tough question to answer. Rockappella is the closest thing to mainstreamed a cappella that I can think of and the only song I know they do is the “Carmen Sandiego” theme song. Other than that I don’t think a cappella can be mainstreamed at this point in time. Right now people want to hear screaming guitar, crashing drums, and thumping bass, and they do not want to hear people’s voices replicate these sounds. Of course there are still some people out there who listen to a cappella for the pure enjoyment of it, but these people are in the minority and it will not get a cappella mainstreamed. Now this isn’t to say that a cappella will never be mainstreamed, because in the future it could be. I mean a cappella was famous back in the day when barbershop quartets were popular so we know that it is possible for this to happen. I just think that it will be a long, uphill struggle for a cappella to become mainstreamed.

  3. Love Bostones,

    there is a link to the RSS feed on the “About Only Voices” page.

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